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Since you are here, I guess you have some knowledge about astrology or you have an interest in getting to know what astrology can do for you.

A personal chart is based on the position of the planets the very moment you were born.


Your personal chart contains your power base and it shows how you bring your personal life into alignment with your core values, your capacities and your uniquely birth given skills and talents.


For me, this is the precondition for a meaningful life.
Only from alignment, you are able to give from yourself with true quality to other people and to the world.

True success comes from knowing yourself and to express your highest possible version of yourself to the world.


True successful doing comes from true being!



How I read your personal chart!

In my sessions, I use my psychological and astrological skills and more than 20 years experience as a counsellor, to help you to make strong positive decisions for your own life.
For me, reading your personal astrological chart is like reading a book with your name on the cover – The book about you.

Reading your chart gives me a pretty sharp, deep and clear psychological, emotional and pragmatic picture of you and what gifts and talents you contain and how you can make the most of whom you are.

I can see your self-restrictions and how to let go of them or even better, teach you how to turn them into resources.
I can see how you bring yourself to better alignment and how you become a success in your own life.



If you like me to, I will give you a free brief reading.

To get an impression of how I read your chart and
how you can use it in a practical daily level.

Give me a call in the daytime, on my mobile:
+45  4030 0083 any time you like.


Your ‘book’ is full of many different chapters.
To give you a idea, reed the following lines beneath:


Your physical appearing and bodily structure.

Your values and your view of self-esteem and finances.

Your mental capacities and mind structure.

Your upbringing and basis habitual behaviour.

Your creativity and the way you use the world as your playground. Children.

Your daily routines and your health or lack of same.

Your personal relations and your love life.

Your special but hidden talents you can learn to bring into your life.

Your adventurous you. Long educations and teaching skills.

Your carrier and your personal aims. Your public platform and scene.

Your friendships and your preferences of groups and organisations.

Your relation with the inner and greater part of yourself. God. Tranquillity.

All this information, I combine with the planetary transits and progressions to give you a picture of the themes being active in your chart and life.


Read about my actual astrological session with you Click here

Price: 1799 DKK / 240 €


Mobile:  +45 4030 0083