Your astrological session

Your astrological session is a conversation – about YOU and it is a unique gift to yourself – based on your inner blueprint.

You will see yourself from new angles and get new perspectives of your life and how you easily can make new positive changes.


The three main areas you will learn much more about:

  • Your innate inner treasure trove of talents and dreams
  • How you master your challenges and your unique talents
  • Timing, life phases – and when to move

We will talk about:

  • The things that challenge you and how you in a a simple way, can turn them into your strength
  • Your special skills, resources and talents and how you can make them more pressent in your life
  • Your dreams
  • Your longing, which in reality is your desire to ‘be yourself’ and live the life you dream of.
  • Your thought patterns related to your feelings. When you understand, you have access to all your potential

The more you talk during the astrological session, the deeper I am able to read and translate your patterns and spot your potential and the more you will benefit from your session.

An astrological session with me, is your guarantee for either new insight or deeper consciousness and for new tools you can use to shape your life in the direction you want.

You are most welcome to tape your session on your mobile or other devices.


To delve into the information in your personal chart is a process that can continue indefinitely.

For my own part, I have known my astrological chart for more than 20 years and I still discover new insight that surprises and enriches me.
It’s possible because the chart has various levels according to the awareness of the person using the chart for more consciousness and ongoing personal developing.


Practical information I need for an astrological session:

I need the following data:

  • Year
  • Month
  • Date
  • Time (if you know)
  • Town


If you don’t have your birth info, you can still get a lot of useful information out of your personal horoscope.
Give me a call, and we figure out if it is possible or not.

An approximate time can very often be useful to a great extent.


An astrological session typically lasts about 90 minutes.

You can book and experience your astrological session via mobile, Skype or face – face in the center of Copenhagen.


Price: 1799 DKK / 240 €

Mobile:  +45 4030 0083